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Consultation Services

Before you begin a Tiny Home project, there are numerous steps that need to be taken prior to any development.  With our policy expertise, land location services, design experts, project planners, and team of builders; we can handle everything from site planning&permitting to the design and construction.  Our consultants have unique expertise in the Tiny House development industry. We have successfully built legal, permitted Tiny Homes and Communities; We’ve been through the process and offer to consult you through every step of your project.

Once you’ve submitted an inquiry regarding our services, our Sales team will determine how we can best help you.  The services we provide will ultimately depend upon the scope of work and what stages of development you will need assistance in.  After agreeing to the contractual Consulting terms, we can proceed to guide you through the Tiny House Development process. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to get your Tiny House Project started!

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Design Services

We offer a number of different tiny home design services. From floor plans to site plans, we can help you design your project every step of the way. Do you want a one or two bedroom? A home on foundation, or on wheels? Are you building a home for yourself, or would you like to start a tiny home community? Whatever you are looking to do, we have the expertise and resources to make it a reality.


Our current choice of models can be found and selected in our Shop. But we can design homes tailored to your project.  These can all be altered to meet your specific preferences.  Whether you want a higher ceiling, larger loft, full size appliances, or any other option; we can design a completely custom built home within your budget. Our in-house design team can work with you to achieve the floor plan and square footage most suitable to your situation.

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Construction Services

We offer a full range of Construction services; from ground development to turn-key, we can handle every step of the way.  Once you have chosen the Tiny House design(s) for your project, our skilled team of carpenters, contractors, and developers will make it a reality. All of our Tiny Homes are manufactured in the U.S.A. out of our Phoenix, Arizona based factory. Depending upon your preferences, property size, and zoning, we can build your Tiny Home(s) on a concrete slab foundation or mobile trailer; ranging from 150-700 square feet.

Our construction team has the experience and attention to detail necessary to not only build quality tiny homes, but develop the land and execute the ground work required. Site Preparation, Grading&Drainage, Foundation Work, City Utility Connection, Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, Finishing Work, and Interior Decor; Tiny House Developers has the team capable of handling your project.

Remodeling Services: In addition to our Tiny House construction services, we act as General Contractors for a wide variety of Home Improvement projects. If you have a non-tiny home related construction project, we can still help!

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Trusted Partners

We are Proud of our project partnerships; having fostered educational opportunities for university students and volunteers for nonprofit organizations, while helping local businesses give back to the community through service. Please visit our partners’ websites to learn more

Tiny House Developers

We provide top of the line services, from consulting to construction, Tiny House Developers can Design and Build the Tiny Home of your dreams. Our team specializes in planing, development, and everything in between; Contact us today to start your project!