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Tiny House Developers designs & builds basic and custom Tiny Homes for those who seek sensible, sustainable, & affordable housing.

Our skilled team of designers, developers, and consultants have the experience in their respective fields to handle any type of project!

On Wheels, On Foundation, Additional Dwelling Units, Guest Houses, Communities

We strive to help YOU along every step of the way!

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We can assist your project along every stage of the development process.

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We Build Tiny Houses on Wheels & Foundation; ADUs, Guest Homes, Communities

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Tiny House Developers

Our services are geared toward individual customers, commercial projects, community developments, public/private & government entities, workforce housing programs, nonprofits and all those that want to go TINY! We build both on Wheels or Foundation, utilizing Wood or Steel framing, and range in sizes depending upon your project’s needs.

We strive to build with quality and think sustainable while creating affordability in our homes. Providing an honest and fair working relationship with our customers, subcontractors, project partners, and in house Team creates an environment where each experience with us is professional and rewarding.


Tiny House Developers

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Our Core Values

At Tiny House Developers we strive to deliver the best customer experience possible, helping you build the sensible space of your dreams.

Our mission is to serve the community, creating affordable housing and advocating for a more minimalist lifestyle. We build with sustainability in mind, recognizing the need for reduced environmental impact.

These values are present and apparent in the work we do everyday, they are what sets us apart

Experts Agree

Tiny House Developers Testimonial

“We have done research on the need for affordable housing in Arizona, and we found that there’s a need for over 200,000 new affordable units in this state.”

Valerie Iverson, Co-Executive Director of Arizona Housing Coalition
Tiny House Developers Testimonial

“The big thing is you’ve got to have affordable housing. Most can’t afford a 4000 sqft home, This is a 400 sqft home!”

Vince Barnet , Build Us H.O.P.E.

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Our work has been featured in Local News and at the National Stage, check out our latest media articles and events

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Trusted Partners

We are Proud of our project partnerships; having fostered educational opportunities for university students and volunteers for nonprofit organizations, while helping local businesses give back to the community through service. Please visit our partners’ websites to learn more.

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Tiny House Developers has the right experience and team to design and construct the home of your dreams. We build tiny homes On Wheels, Foundation, ADUs, Guest Homes, or complete communities!

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